Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Truck Stop & Spooky Road

So all I've been thinking about all day is sorting out all the pics on my computer. Now that I've finally downloaded Picasa I'm a lunatic. It's fun though, I've been finding tons of stuff I forgot about. Such as this little number... I love love love this picture. It was a truck stop in god knows where on route 66 on our way to Tennessee in February 2008. It's some ass early hour when I decided, being the good co-pilot that I am, that I would actually wake up and keep Ben company during this epic 10 hour drive from New Jersey all the way down to the Volunteer State. I'm glad I awoke for the air was cold and refreshing and I got to see the begining of a beautiful sunrise. It was still dark enough that I could do a long exposure and blow out those parking lot lights. If I had to name it, I would call it "Nucleur Truck Stop" That probably sounds pretty lame, lol. The next pic I came across that I really liked was from the same trip actually. One night Ben and I decided to go out back with our camera's and tripods after dark and play with the long exposures. They live in an extremely rural area with no artifical lights. So a car came down the road and it made for a rather spooky picture. I played around with it on Picasa a little bit. Freaking LOVE it! I'm so happy to be off tomorrow. I have some paper work to get done but I would really love to go out tommorrow and enjoy the day. We shall see I guess.