Friday, December 24, 2010

There's no place like home... (for the holidays)

Everyone told me moving out wasn't going to really hit me until I come back home for the first time. I just have to say how nice it is coming home for Christmas, everything is all decorated and the trees are up and the house looks absolutly stunning. When I came home last night (this morning) one of the first things I saw were two enormous platters of Christmas cookies! My mom is amazing, that's one thing about my family; we can COOK. We grew up cooking and we are eaters, haha!

So today I spent the day being one of the people I usually HATE, a Christmas eve shopper. This year I finally realize how easy it is to be unprepaired for the holiday. And you know what, I had a great day. I rather enjoyed bebopping from shop to shop buying gifts. Most places were okay, parking lots were really the worst of it.

Time to go, this elf has some wrapping to do.