Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If I give my self to you...

Too many days off in a row. I've literally been doing nothing! I got sad news on Sunday. Aaron sent me a text saying his mother had passed. She had been fighting cancer for a long two years. I feel so bad for Aaron, it's right before the holidays, and his birthday. And the Jewish are so sad when it comes to funerals. Firstly they happen so quickly, she haden't even passed away a full 24 hours and they already had to bury her. And the burial was so so so sad. The family and friends who wish to participate actually start to bury their loved one. There are this mom's husband, kids, family and friends in the dirt shoveling dirt ontop of her plain pine wood casket. It's so much more symbolic than a catholic or any other burial I've attended. I just hope that the comfort of knowing she's not fighting anymore gets the family through the holidays.

So since we had such a long drive (the burial was all the way up near NYC) Steph and I talked on the way home. I always thought that I wanted to be creamated. My idea was my ashes to be seperated and taken all over the world. I would pick like seven places I never got to go to and that way it forces someone else to travel all over the world broadedning them after I died. But now the more I think of it I think I would like my body to be donated to science. I don't care if student are cutting me up or they take my cells and do tests on them. I'll be dead! Then my family doesn't have to pay for a funeral, we're in a recession here people! In all seriousness I hope it's a long time before anyone has to make that decesion.

So regardless I've been off for the last three days and I think I NEED to go shopping today, which means I have to hit up the bank since I don't have a debit card yet and my Mastercard is crying since I've been using it so much.

Going through the archives, found this pic. I dragged Aaron & Steph to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (yes, where Rocky runs up the steps) one night to take a few night shots of City Hall and low & behold we found this adorable little gazebo. Anyways that's all I've got for ya!