Wednesday, November 4, 2009


<-- My <3 Delores! This is our kitty Delores, also known as DeLo, Dee Dee, Baby B, Princess Kitty, Kit Tan, among about a million other nicknames. This is a game Dee likes to play with us. It's a pretty popular game among kittes, climb inside bag/box/cupboard (in this instance it was a reusable shopping bag) and they attack anything that moves. So the bag was sitting on my mom's sewing table next to my camera. Which is where I come in... Dee has loved fighting with the camera ever since she was a baby kitteh. When we first brought her in she used to love to play on the sofa and as soon as I would bust out the camera she would attack it. So it was no suprise this summer when I found myself in the predicimant of my loving, friendly (aka bitch!) little cat I went in with my camera. Every now and then you get lucky she will let you pet her or pick her up but for the most part, nope.

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